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Transcription of TV interview with
Artur Rojek and Wojtek Powaga

Telewizja Polska S.A. (TVP), 12.01.2004

Translated and commented by Gosia Sobstyl

Artur Rojek og Wojtek Powaga

Who was more important: Chopin or Einstein?
Artur: Definitely, Einstein was more important because without him there would not be (today’s) world, there wouldn’t be anything.

Would you like to perform the Polish anthem?
Wojtek: Someday, I would really like to perform the Polish anthem, but standing on a green playing field and being in the national football team. I was always fascinated by it.
Artur: Are you aware that it will not be possible? I could agree if this was performance of the anthem singing just for myself in some important moment, however, these moments are rather rare. On the other hand, it would be harder to perform it in public. First of all, the song itself is rather difficult and I always had problems with mode, which was too low/deep for me. So, personally I would not get along it.

What song should be the anthem of the revolution?
Artur: Some time ago, my friend, who represents/leads music company releasing from time to time CD’s of very interesting groups, brought me a demo of band from Łódź. He played it and there was the song of group Cool Kids of Death titled “Mamy butelki z benzyną i kamienie” (*1). There was something special in that song, what reminded me the film “Natural Born Killers”. That song increased somehow the level/amount of revolt which every human has hidden inside. In fact, after listening to it, I felt that if I had any bottle in my hand I could have gone outside on the street and throw it. It seems that that song really promotes in me revolutionary approach to reality.

What thing has shocked you lastly?
Wojtek: Recently, I felt like I was to cry when I saw an interview where Anna Dymna (*2) talked with little boy affected by extremely rare disease. In Poland, there are about five children with that disease. Even government had no idea that given sickness existed and children need huge help. So, a face of that boy, his manner of talking... he was few years old, however, his life experience made him a mature man. He talks in such a way that I was moved and shocked.
Artur: It is hard to talk about any shocking this right now. I think it is enough.

What Polish song would you use to show the love to someone?
Artur: “Kocham cię jak Irlandię” (laugh) (*3)


Notes and references
*1: "We have stones and bottles with benzine” Later on, that „demo” became quite popular in Poland when Cool Kids released official CD (I even saw it on some Polish charts, however, it is rock and „hard to listen for many people” type of music).

*2: Anna Dymna is a Polish popular and likable actress in her 50s.

*3: „I love you like Ireland” Quite old (80s???) Polish song. I would treat Artur’s answer as kind of joke because, nice and romantic as it is, this song would be chosen by maaaaaaany people because of its simple and obvious message and it is kind of tendentious answer in fact. It is really hard to explain! It is like if he would choose „Love me tender” by Elvis or any other well-known song.

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